LUNA PRO – CCTV Underwater cameras



(possibility of interchangeability with other video cameras – such as Tycho, Ganymede and so on – by using the same umbilical cable)


This video camera has a light power of 12 ultra-bright LED x 65,000 mcd; images can be in color or B/W, with seamless edges, without imperfections and always in focus. The dimensions of LUNA PRO are only 48 mm in diameter and 95 mm in length; LUNA PRO can go down for sea inspections or simple filming up to 330 meters of depth. It is the ideal option for archaeological, biological and fishing research, for video capture and to view, live, the seabed through a monitor.

LUNA PRO can also be very useful as a surveillance camera in pools or in the sea and for the continuous study and monitoring of sea organisms.

LUNA PRO can also be equipped with a handle for manual video recordings, performed by scuba divers through some additional spotlights, and it can be installed on tow sea-sleds for video inspections during the sailing.

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LUNA PRO has a calender made of rugged anti-impact stainless steel and it is tested in our laboratory and in a hyperbaric chamber. During the day, and up to 30 meters of depth, it requires no illuminators, because it has a sensitivity of 0.3 lux at night and up to 330 meters of depth this video-camera allows the view in the dark, thanks to its special cold-light projectors produced by 12 ultra-bright white LEDs inserted frontally, placed around the lens of the camera in a divergent position, in order to broaden the light cone.

The electronic part of LUNA PRO, installed on the module, is a product of the latest generation in electronic discoveries.  It can be in color or B/W, but always with a high resolution made up by 520 horizontal lines. The powerful electronic shutter ensures sharp images, even with wire sizes over 300 meters of length; moreover the small wide-angle lens allow the display of even larger fields. The power supply (12 volts) is provided by the boat and the energy consumption is really negligible (only 90-140 mAh); that is why, with a small battery of only 1 Ampere, you can supply your video camera for 6-7 consecutive hours. This tool is really useful for those who, without leaving the boat, want to check sea-depths quickly.

LUNA PRO can be connected to a monitor, or a standard TV, with a VIDEO IN jack (a connection compatible with “RCA”, “BNC” or SCART via adapter) or a recorder, or directly to your camcorder (through a “VIDEO IN” input, Analog / Digital) or to your computer via a video capture card.

For fast viewing of the seabed, and to get the best from this technological jewel, you should position it on the sea-sled. The sea-sled allows the LUNA PRO video camera to film the seabed really faster (the maximum recommended speed is up to 2 knots).


“LUNA PRO” can also be equipped with a “control box” in cast aluminum (a recommendable option): this is for the power supply and to convey the video signal through two outputs (for example, you can connect two monitors, or also one monitor with the electronic eye-glasses). The control box is also equipped with two buttons: one is for the camera, and the other one to switch on the LEDs. In addition, on the same box, we have placed a logarithmic potentiometer, in order to adjust the intensity of the light and, for those models provided with a zoom, even with a specific commutator.   IMG-20150418-WA0003 - Copia - Copia  2.VALIGIA

The high brightness white LEDs are a new and modern technological innovation: our special camera named “LUNA”, in fact, uses some special LED with High Brightness. In our “LUNA” video-camera we have placed 12 of these LEDs. Unlike ordinary incandescent lights, LEDs do not produce heat, but the electricity is completely transformed, and only in cold light. Thanks to this characteristic, only one High Brightness White LED can replace one 8W lamp, consuming 40 times less than usual, and not producing heat, with the advantage of the possibility to be embedded, also, into plastic parts, without damaging them. Another feature is that the LED produces a cone-shaped beam, without requiring a back reflector, being provided with internal micro reflector and lens to convey light. In addition, free from the typical tungsten filament (which can break because of shocks), LED is ultra-resistant to impacts. Another remarkable characteristic is the duration of these LEDs. In fact, on average, they resist, remaining always on, for about 11 years. The most interesting thing, however, is just the luminous effect which they produce. We would like you to know that, unlike an incandescent bulb which contains all colors of the spectrum, resulting in a yellowish-white color, the LEDs have the characteristic of emitting a monochromatic light; this means that a LED emits a perfectly white light, with a brightness similar to that of a laser (lasers are built with a very similar technology); the color does not change or decreases its brightness while LED wears out (as it happens with the classic incandescent bulbs).


LENS with a standard 92 ° angle. With the possibility to have larger or smaller apertures on video-cameras, with a shooting angle option: 53 ° – 130 ° – 148 °

SIZES OF CABLE: immediately available: 50 -100 – 150 – 200 meters; from 250 to 300 meters, on request.

“TYCHO” – CCTV CAMERA FOR GEOLOGICAL AND UNDERWATER UTILIZATION AND FOR HORIZONTAL UNDERWATER EXPLORATIONS. (Possibility of being interchangeable with other video cameras, such as LUNA PRO, Ganymede, and so on, by using the same umbilical cable).

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